Creating Mood with Text and Music

Welcome to your first TV Studio project during our 2020 Distance Learning. We are going to get things started with a pretty easy, but important skill, creating a feeling/mood with text and music. Think about your favorite movies, do they have an opening that has music and text? There’s a good chance that the creators of that movie wanted to set the mood/tone/vibe of the movie with it’s opening credits and movie. This week’s project will begin the connection to the projects that we will be working on for the next couple of weeks.

For this week’s project, you are going to create 5 different text and music combinations that each have a different feeling/mood/vibe. You need to use 5 different text clips and 5 different music clips. Only 1 of the 5 clips you create can have a background added. Everything you need is inside of WeVideo. Do not use anything from outside of WeVideo, this includes music, text, and images/videos. Remember that you can watch a replay of our Zoom call if you get stuck. DO NOT turn in anything until I meet with you live on Zoom on Thursday or Friday.

Below is my example. It took me a little while to find matches that I thought worked. I would definitely suggest finding your text first, and then try to find your music. ALL STUDENTS will use their names and Week 1 just like I did. Have fun! Students that have trouble watching the YouTube video below can click here to see it in a Google Slideshow.