3 Scene Silent Movies

Our first big project is here! You have create a mood/feeling/vibe with text, music, and video. You have also created a 5 shot sequence using different types of shots to prepare for this project.

This project will take 2 weeks to complete, starting with planning your final movie. You will then film, edit, and publish your project over the next 3 class periods.

Tips and Requirements:

  1. You must complete the planning sheet through Google Drive. Mr. Fitz has the document you need.
  2. Your story must have a beginning, middle, and end.
  3. Your video must have at least three scenes with at least 5 video clips in each scene. (At least 15 total for the entire movie)
  4. Your video must have different types of shots.
  5. Your video must have music that matches the feeling/mood/vibe of each scene.
  6. Your video clips must be muted.
  7. You need opening and closing titles. No other text is required.
  8. You can have other people in your video.
  9. You can use themes, change the colors of your video, or use overlays that can be found in WeVideo.